Features For Schools

Send Notifications Easily

Akadmeia helps Schools to send notifications to Parents easily. If it is sending a message to a particular student, class or complete school, Schools can do it with just a push of button.

Manage School Fees

Akadmeia helps Schools to Add Fees and Update the Status of Paid/Unpaid Fees and send these notifications to Parents. Using Akadmeia, Schools also have the option to collect their Fees Online.

Take attendance with ease

Using Akadmeia, Schools can easily take the daily attendance on the mobile apps and messages are automatically sent to parents of absent students.

Add all Upcoming Events

Using Akadmeia, School can send notifications regarding any new events to be held in School. School can also view these events in their particular calendar.

Send Exams and Results

Using Akadmeia, Schools can send Parents the Schedule of any upcoming Exams to be held. School also has the option to add results.

Send Planners and Assignments

Akadmeia allows Schools to send monthly planners and assignments by uploading Images. Parents can also download these Images for their usage.

Features For Parents

Receive Notifications from School

Now Parents can never miss out on any notification or update regarding their child. Using Akadmeia, every notification regarding their child is directly pushed into the phone.

Check your Fees Status

Parents can check the status of pending or paid School Fees at a single place. Parents can also check the History of School Fees paid upto now. Akadmeia provides parents the option to pay the School Fees online, provided the School has subscribed for this.

Connect with School-Raise your Concern

Akadmeia helps parents to connect with the Schools easily. Now whatever questions a Parent has or just want to apply for a leave or TC can be done easily with Akadmeia.

Check Exams and Results

Parents can check all the upcoming exams and even has the option of adding them in Calendar and receive automatic reminders before the exams. Parents can also check the results of their child.

Never miss out any event in School

Using Akadmeia a Parent can never miss out any event in the School. Forget about remembering the dates of any event or asking someone else, just add these events to calendars and Akadmeia will send you reminders before the event begins.

Receive Planners and Assignments

Using Akadmeia Parents can receive Planners and Assignments as Images and can save them for future reference.

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